What We Do

What We Do

We offer expert one-to-one counselling. This is a crucial part of our cause as it offers people with albinism to reflect and share their experiences. It is imperative that anyone feels like they have someone to talk to, especially someone who is living with a skin condition where they are likely to have experienced much prejudice in the past. 

We offer advice for new parents. It can be difficult raising a child with albinism, so VOA is here to help with any questions you might have on raising an albino child, such as how to tackle vision impairment from albinism? VOA is here to help you understand how to care and build your child’s confidence from a baby all the way through to their teenage years.  

We raise awareness in schools and communities. We do this by employing a range of different activities designed to help people with albinism overcome their fear of social interaction. We want people with albinism to feel like a fully fledged member of society, because they are. 

We Offer One-To-One Counselling

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