Our Founder

Maria Joseph is the founder of voice of albinism (VOA). She is a wife and mother of three children, of which two are born of a condition called albinism, that affects their skin and hair, making them become very pale.

Even though Maria took most of her time caring for her children with visual impairment, she took time to study by having a full understanding of the words bully, discrimination, stigmatization and many more, helping her to fully understand the impact those words can carry with them. Maria is incredibly passionate about the well being of those with the condition, which is what motivated her to start VOA.

Maria obtained the counselling concept training certificate and Degree in B.A (Hons) Health and Social Care.

Maria has experienced how albinism can affect the interaction between the individual and the society. She strongly believes that, Regardless of the prejudice many people are subjected to on a day-to-day basis, that everyone should be proud of their skin colour.