Asian Albino
Asian Albino

Welcome to Voice of Albinism

Our Goal

We aim to support those living with albinism with their social, emotional and cognitive health. We know that many people with the skin condition are confident, positive thinkers. We want to help these great people show it, by helping with their overall self-worth and self-esteem, ultimately showing how much of a great asset they can be to the world. 

Our Three Aims

  • To change the opinions and aspirations of people living with albinism
  • To raise awareness of Albinism in the community by reducing the stigma around the condition
  • To educate people not affected by or born with albinism on how to accommodate and accept those with albinism. 

Albinism is bigger than you think

Albinism impacts around one in seventeen-thousand people, with some parts of the world having records of albinism being shown every three-thousand people. Albinism, from the Latin albus, meaning “white,” is a group of heritable conditions associated with decreased or absent melanin in ectoderm-derived tissues (most notably the skin, hair, and eyes), yielding a characteristic pallor.

Albino Eyes Shut